If you wish to access emails on external web clients rather than on your free hosting account, you can do so by upgrading to our premium hosting account.

But if you are not yet ready to invest with such cost, we have prepared a recommended setup configuration to use external email clients without the need to provide IMAP/POP and SMTP configurations needed for syncing emails from your hosting account with the said external email clients.

We will provide a guide using Hotmail or Microsoft Outlook service since this is what we recommend and officially use in our business messaging and personal usage. But if you want to use Gmail, it is also possible. We will make a separate guide for it, as well as a video tutorial to make it easy for all the users of our free service. So now, let’s get started… Kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your vPanel or VistaPanel
  2. Create a forwarding email account sent to your Microsoft Outlook account (you can also use Gmail if you want to)
  3. Log in to your Outlook account at hotmail.com
  4. Find the Gear Icon (setting) on the top right corner and click the View All Outlook setting option at the bottom of the panel
  5. Navigate to Mail Section
  6. Navigate to Sync email
  7. Under email aliases, click Manage or choose a primary alias (you may be prompted to type your password for security reason, so do so)
  8. Under Account aliases, click add email
  9. Select Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias
  10. Click Add alias
  11. Once added, you will then receive a verification email sent to the alias email or forwarder you created earlier
  12. Click on the verification code to activate the alias

You should now be able to receive and send emails using your Microsoft Account (online client) with your personalized email forwarder from your free hosting account.

If you wish to, you can also set your alias email as the primary to automatically select it when sending and replying to the new emails.

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