When getting support on all Kind TechGroup products and services, kindly consider the following context…

Kind TechGroup provide Free and Premium Support services to anyone, whether you are a paying customer or user on services or products we do offer for free. However, there are some feature exceptions or restrictions depending on the user level of your account with us.

In Premium Support, we cover assistance on all our official paid products and services (not owned by our partners) with extended features not available in Free Support. This means we provide you with a support as far as we could go to help you fix any concern you may have with (our official services) on a 1-on-1 or direct consultation basis using a private support system.

Unfortunately, Premium Support is intended only for paying users or customers since they have paid a considerable amount for us to support and provide services like what we do offer on all our services including the free ones, which in fact – in reality, we do not have enough manpower and resources for. And ideally, if we focus on supporting all users with fewer resources and revenue to get from, we still could not deliver a quality support since we could not afford to hire experts for this matter. The reason why Premium Support is impossible in any way to be offered in free service users because apparently, our current resources are only intended to support our web services that users could use to benefit from, but unfortunately, technical support for all free service users is not on our roadmap (for the time being).

By the way, there are selected non-paid services considered acceptable to be consulted on our premium support service as well such as (1) pre-sale consultations, (2) any private matter for abuse action or violation reporting, and (3) if you want to appeal your hosting account suspension.

Please only use Premium Support for the appropriate queries were mentioned. Failure to do so will get your time wasted for it will only be rejected anyways or worse, it could get your account at stake and be marked as a spammer.

To learn more about getting the support of both services, navigate to these article guides for either Premium Support or Free Support.

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