To add your own parked domain on VistaPanel, kindly follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to your website control panel or vPanel
  2. Click on Parked Domains
  3. Note the nameservers listed at the bottom (eg. /
  4. Login to your domain registrar control panel (eg.,, etc…)
  5. Remove the existing nameservers from the domain you wish to park
  6. Add the nameservers from your vista panel and save the domain
  7. Go back to your website control panel
  8. Click on Parked Domains
  9. Type the domain name in the box without http:// or www (eg.
  10. Select what site it will be parked on from the menu below
  11. Click on Add Parked Domain

If your DNS has been updated properly you will receive a success message and be able to type the domain to access the site you parked it on.

If you receive an error then most likely not enough time has passed between changing the nameservers and adding it to your control panel which can take between 24~72 hours but usually less than 4 hours on average. (c)

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