Do you backup user data?

On Free Hosting, Kind TechGroup maintains SERVER-WIDE backups only, which means not possible for restoring a single account, file, database or other data out of an individual account as the backups are intended solely for the restoration of entire Kind TechGroup free hosting servers in the event of a catastrophe. (c) You must implement and maintain your …

How do I CHMOD files?

CHMOD or CHange MODe is a manner of changing permissions on files or directories, for how to do this please refer to your respective service area for in-depth information as there are multiple methods for how to accomplish this action. To learn more, Ask the Community >>

Can I zip/unzip files on the free hosting?

Unfortunately, zipping/unzipping files in the online file manager on our free hosting service is not available in the meantime. Alternatively, you can use the web-based client found at To learn more, Ask the Community >>

What file types are supported?

Our free hosting service supports most file types with the exception of executable files and key multimedia and some archival file types due to abuse. To learn more, Ask the Community >>