Swift Performance

Swift Performance – WordPress Plugin

Swift Performance plugin is powerful WordPress speed up tool for beginners & experts. Although it has a guided setup wizard & autoconfig, which is very easy for basic usage, on some hostings/websites, this plugin still needs some “expert” touch with appropriate setup which makes it occasionally difficult for noobs as you “need to know what are you doing”. In case of some major problem, Support needs to access your site.


Swift Performance plugin has a lot of speed up performance features, among which some unique ones on the market. The best of all is that new features are constantly added. Main features are:

  • Eliminate render blocking assets
    Swift Performance plugin not just minify and combine the CSS and javascript files, but it can create critical CSS on the fly for your pages. The critical CSS will be generated on the fly for every pages. It will contain only that rules what are used on the current page. You can also inline the critical CSS, and/or the merged CSS as well.
  • Innovative, super fast cache
    Swift Performance plugin provide intelligent caching, you can cache AJAX requests and dynamic requests as well. Intelligent cache means the following: the plugin loads the cached version (so the user can see your page fast), after it will check in the background the cache is it still valid or was there any change if you enable the save server resources option (recommended) it will check the cache only once per an hour, but it will check it immediately if there was any requests which can affect the content (eg comment, forum post, etc). You can also set instant reload, in that case after the check ran in the background it will change the page content for the user (if there wasn’t any user action eg: typing).
    The latest feature is autoconfig which allows Swift to automatically choose the best plugin’s setup for the current site.
  • Unlimited image & database optimizer and plugin organizer
    Swift Performance plugin comes with a built-in unlimited image optimizer on unlimited sites. You can lossless compress your JPEG and PNG images, and improve your site’s performance. However, on some websites/hostings this module doesn’t work properly, author need to further optimize it. There are also powerful database optimizer along with plugin organizer. There features alone allows you to replace several plugins with Swift plugin’s usage.
  • Proxy 3rd party Javascript (like Google Analytics)
    With the 3rd party proxy you can proxy Google Analytics, Facebook, etc scripts which usually have a very short expire (to be able track the users) and set an acceptable expiry header for them.
  • CDN support
    Swift Performance plugin provides CDN support. You can specify a host name what will be used for static resources. You can also set 3 different hosts for CSS, JS and for media files.

Make your site fast and easy to use

  • Up to 440% faster WordPress
  • Setup with one click
  • No coding knowledge required


  • Caching
    Swift Performance provides an intelligent, modern caching system. You can even cache AJAX request, dynamic pages, and you can add exceptions (URL, page or content based rules).
  • Image Optimization
    To achieve the best performance you have to optimize your images. Swift Performance provides a highly customizable, unlimited Image Optimizer.
  • Database Optimization
    Keeping your database clean is extremely important for speed. Swift Performance has a built in DB Optimizer to maintenance WordPress database.
  • CSS & JS Optimization
    One of the most important thing for performance is optimize the delivery of static resources. Swift Performance not only combines and minifies the CSS files, but generates the Critical CSS for each page automatically.
  • Plugin Organizer
    With Plugin Organizer you can disable plugins on certain pages, and let plugins run only where it is really necessary.

Many more…

  • Setup Wizard
  • Advanced Caching
  • Intelligent LazyLoad