Website image compression quick test – ShortPixel

Quickly see how much your website’s images could be optimized by using ShortPixel.


Shortpixel goal is to make your website faster by optimizing your images, thus improving its overall speed and bandwidth footprint.

Shortpixel started out bold and ready to change the world – their first slogan said: “Make the Web smaller”. And they developed an online service for that, releasing it to the public in July 2014. It sported a straightforward API, a processing queue management system and several servers ready to work hard to crunch millions of images. While creating an API to optimize the Web was a noble endeavour, they soon realized that this was not a very actionable call to our potential customers, who needed to have their sites’ images optimized with as little hassle as possible. And coding calls to an API, even as straightforward as theirs, wasn’t just that.

In April 2015 shortpixel rolled out their first paying version of the service. They started to have more and more customers through their ShortPixel Image Optimization plugin, so they had to scale on new and more powerful servers to cope with so many specific situations from customers with different custom installs of WordPress, different plugins or custom code. They decided to offer the same premium support to all of their customers, regardless if they were paying customers or using their free service.


Their service is based on a SAAS model offering image compression through their API that you can access either directly or through various tools that they developed especially for this purpose.


First and most important, they intend to keep the same attention to you, their customers and the feed-back you send them, and let themselves be driven by your needs. They are also committed to investing a constant effort in improving the performance of the optimization algorithms they’re using, in order to be able to offer you the best compression/quality rate you can get.

Last but not least, they intend to keep their service easy to use yet flexible and to add more and more ways of using it, for your convenience and for your Happy Optimizing!

Alex created ShortPixel’s performant compression API. His mission is to calibrate all our clients’ image compression needs. Self improver, cook.