Free Blacklist Monitoring | Blacklist Check – HetrixTools

The simple way to blacklist check and monitor your IPs or Domains and notice if any of them get blacklisted, so you can immediately take action to find the cause and start the delisting procedures, before it gets to affect you or your clients.

HetrixTools (beta), launched in May 2015, was created with the purpose of giving webmasters a useful set of monitoring tools that would improve their efficiency and make their workflow simpler.

Want to keep a clean network?

Use our platform to monitor all of your IP Addresses and Domain Names easily and cost-effective. You will be notified as soon as any of your monitors get blacklisted, so you can quickly find the spam or malware source, and immediately begin the delisting process before it gets to affect your reputation or your clients.

Their platform can help you:

  • Clean up your network and domains, and then keep them spam-free
  • Find out which of your clients may be up to no good
  • Improve your network’s reputation and email deliverability rate
  • Find out which of your servers or websites may be infected with malware
  • Locate spam/malware sources within your network as soon as they appear
  • Manage your IP space, so you can always assign clean IPs to your new clients

How it works

  1. Add Monitors
    It only takes a few seconds to add a Domain name, IP address, or even an IP block or range to your monitoring list. We’ve designed our interface aiming for simplicity and efficiency, which is why it’s extremely easy to add, search, filter, and manage your blacklist monitors overall. With our responsive interface you don’t have to go through countless slow page loads in order to get things done.
  2. Get Notified
    Our platform will constantly blacklist check your monitors, as often as every hour around the clock, and will notify you or your staff of any changes (i.e.: when your monitors get blacklisted or delisted from any RBL). You can create any number of Contact Lists, which you can assign to your Blacklist Monitors in order to be notified of changes. Configure notifications via Email, SMS, Telegram, PushBullet, Pushover, Twitter, Slack, Discord, Mattermost, PagerDuty, VictorOps, and Webhooks.
  3. Take Action
    You will have access to reports containing data which you need in order to begin the delisting process and clean up your blacklisted Domains and IP Addresses. By default, these Blacklist Reports are private, but you can make them public and share them with your customers or colleagues. Furthermore, you can use our White Label system to personalize your Blacklist Reports in order to make them your own.

More Features

Everything has been designed to make your workflow as simple as possible.

  • Stacked Notifications
    Our system will stack your notifications in several emails, so your inbox doesn’t get flooded with alerts when entire blocks get blacklisted or delisted.
  • Sub-Accounts Invite your colleagues to work with you on our platform. They’ll be part of your team, and you can even configure specific access levels for them.
  • White Label Reports
    Customize our Blacklist Reports and make them your own, with your own domain, logo, favicon, colors, and backlink to your own website.
  • Bulk Reports
    Bundle up multiple Blacklist Monitors into one single Bulk Report, which you can easily share with your customers or employees.
  • Premium Support
    If you ever require assistance on how to use our platform, our in-house friendly staff will always help you out, via Live Chat or Support Tickets.
  • API Access
    Integrate our data into your own applications and websites. Our system allows you to configure multiple API Keys with different access levels.