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Enjoy Uninterrupted Live Streaming With A Game-Changing Content Delivery Network

Live streaming is probably one of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century. It helps people all over the globe connect and share information whenever they want. And now you can do that even easier. 5centsCDN offers you a first-rate CDN (or content delivery network) that encompasses a complex system of servers utilized in various data centers across the globe. We are capable of providing the fastest video streaming or website acceleration, no matter the distance between servers and users. Our traffic director makes sure everyone is automatically connected to the closest CDN edge server, our advanced solutions will guarantee smooth delivery.

Did you know that the process of live streaming can be rather troublesome? Great news! You don’t have to worry about this unfortunate matter since live broadcasting with our CDN service is surprisingly effortless. 5centsCDN’s platform is not only simple to use but also quite multifunctional. Our clients will appreciate a variety of live streaming features that make the whole experience even better. Here are some of them:

    5centsCDN’s live streaming solution is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and instant solution for live streaming. Whether you are live broadcasting an event, a 24/7 broadcast like satellite TV and VOD or looking for worldwide publicity, we’ve got you covered.
    Simulcasting enables you to publish your live streaming to multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and more or to an external media server simultaneously. The source stream can be within 5centsCDN or any other external CDN with the following protocols such as RTMP.
    5centsCDN DVR lets you deliver a range of time-shifted TV and network digital video recorder (DVR) services. Record, Rewind and Pause your desired programes with an integrated timeshift feature. DVR also works well with live programs.
    You can decide which countries the stream has to be allowed or blocked. Most of the content providers have restrictions between borders so that this feature can be very useful in a pinch.
    Secure your live stream to be watched only on your authorized domain. This prevents unauthorized website to not be able to copy paste your embed code.
    An authentication token for protecting your content that prevents third party users from accessing your content and use elsewhere. You can generate unique URL which expires from minutes to days hence nobody can copy it.
    This feature will enable you to delay your live broadcasts from minutes to hours. Few broadcasters prefer delayed stream due to time zone differences as well as help them to edit content if required within the time delay.
    Traffic Director enables the customer to switch to the best performance CDN Nodes or Multi-CDN PoP. You may add your servers or CDN to route traffic. Traffic Director is available ONLY with our Enterprise Plan.
    Create a video playlist and schedule it to play on your website for a set amount of time. Combine several video files together to present a TV channel-like experience for your viewers. Scheduled Playlists let broadcasters have intimate control over how their viewers access their content.

Why you should consider using 5centsCDN CDN servers?

The combination of profound knowledge and understanding of OTT/IPTV delivery allows us to be both highly competent and reputable. That is what distinguishes us from other CDN providers. Given that our Multi-CDN PoPs (or Points of Presence) are located almost on all continents (apart from Antarctica), our solutions can be beneficial for everyone. Besides, if you eventually choose to try out our cutting-edge products, we will stand behind you along the way wherever you are.

As social media keep ruling today’s world, it is essential to be able to restream and simulcast any live feed content to numerous platforms without a hitch. With 5centsCDN, you can do that in a split second since we have already taken care of everything. As of now, our CDN servers are regularly used by more than 1000 loyal clients (and counting) worldwide. We will be glad to have you as a part of our international family, too!