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October 24, 2018

In this blog, you will learn how it is possible for us to offer a rich featured hosting and reliable service solutions, completely free of charge.

There’s no such thing as Free! What’s the Real Score?

Have you heard of this statement before? When you search on the internet, you may get some awful feedbacks in regards to free services such as free web hosting solution. You can agree or disagree with it but before you decide and judge, let us enlighten your knowledge in regards to the truth behind how we are able to provide these free features in our organization.

First of all, our free hosting servers are totally free under the compliance by our Terms of Use (TOS) which you may have already seen or read when you signed up for your free account. If you’ve read our terms, it is quite self-explanatory…

Fair usage on all servers based on user levels

Free servers are limited to startup users or testing usage of our free servers, especially for non-profitable sites which are unable to get compensated.

High performing websites are not allowed and encouraged to upgrade for the higher hosting plans since they are eligible to get compensated already which will be automatically detected by our system based on their website statistics.

This way, we are able to offer fast and reliable servers best performance which is a better web hosting solution to users that are unable to afford an upfront cost when starting out their online presence.

We love free stuff!

We love Free Stuff, and we believe that everything free in the right hands can be valuable. There are lots of free available online but rarely are those have looked over to serve a quality service to their users. We do not buy it, so we did it ourselves.

We’ve been a user like for years like you and we personally don’t want to commit to a service without trying it which leads us to not force people to commit to us without trying any of our services. That’s how our free services were born. We haven’t really got a chance as users to encounter the best service for us from other providers which is why we are leading it now to you through Kind TechGroup.

Sharing valuable stuff feels great…

We love what we do such as giving value to the world and ideally we feel better about ourselves by doing so. We think sharing a free and reliable service to those in need sounds great, as well as it is keeping us to our will in life. But unfortunately, we all know that sustaining a free service is not that easy. You have to be stable and well reliable as a service provider so we have developed some strategies where we can get enough resources to continuously offer a valuable stuff to the public and support our free services.

We are able to support fairly our products and services

Apparently, we are being compensated by having premium or extended paid services we do offer on our webshop and locally which is enough to support the costs of our free servers as well as providing other free stuff services available on our website. In fact, there are times we earn extra payoffs that we keep and spend only to improve our services at best and maintaining it over time. We also supply Adverts on our contents and in user accounts where we can get few additional revenues from. For more details of the compensation system we are running, kindly check out our FTC Disclosure.

In spite of all these resources, we are always in practiced and managing to keep low-cost expenses. The funny thing is that we actually started this business and run it with resources mostly coming from free stuff. We just combined it with huge hard work to came upon this reality with the help of some great resources available on the web which has greatly impacted how we can serve well to the public.

Our web hosting partners and web servers supplier, iFastNet, provides one of the best server solutions across the web and have managed to give us the lowest cost possible which allows us to provide related services we do offer nowadays such as our free hosting service.

Our Free WordPress Web Design service is obviously based on WordPress which is a free service allowing us to create websites for free and easy in which we use to provide to our users for free as well.

In regards to promotions, we don’t buy Adverts from advertising companies but instead, we only market in any possible free ways to promote the business.

Including the credits that we ask our users for some period of time, allowing us to get advertised on their homepage when using our free hosting service which is completely free of charge at our end, which seems to be a win-win situation for both parties anyway.

Another thing, we limit our budget only to improve our products and services. And even if we have extra revenues, we don’t spend anything as much as possible when supporting our free services (or even paid services at all) since there we have already organized some resources available intended for them such as our Community Forums and our Knowledge Base support articles plus this blog in which we are trying our best to provide helpful and useful insights for our users, as well as keeping it updated and improved from time to time.

We purely value the core and will of our service

Kind TechGroup is completely designed for a cost-effective service. We are doing our best to providing web branding in so many different ways you can benefit from. We look forward to our success in our business as we are in yours. But you cannot really rely on everything to us. It’s probably up to you on how you work hard for your fortune, but we are certain that you can always have our support in most cases you need it.

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