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May 22, 2021

Where to start?

Before searching for the best WordPress designers on Upwork, you’ll have to identify your needs and values. The word ‘best’ is subjective for all. Ideally, the best web designer would be someone who can get your work done fast, meet your quality standards, and offers affordable rates. WordPress is the most popular tool which can help people make a website or personal blog. Though if you want the site to have a professional outlook, it’s wise to hire a WordPress developer. 

Our list

To help you out, we researched various profiles and came up with this top 5 list of amazing web designers. Whether you need a website for your business or some service or blogging or posting news updates; these best WordPress developers on Upwork can get the job brilliantly done! Note that this order is completely random though.

  1. Alexandar P
  2. Denys K
  3. Mohammad Hannan A
  4. Jivko P
  5. Maureen Mae A

We selected these people after evaluating their hourly rates, percentage of successful jobs done, the number of jobs done and skill set.

First on our well-researched list is Alexander P. Have you checked out his profile? You probably have already noticed some pretty cool things about him before we start talking about them. 

The total hours he has worked through Upwork is 3663! Yeah, I know, that’s a lot. He’s been working his 2005 so probably he has worked on developing WordPress website for even more hours than his Upwork profile has stated. His hourly rate is $20 which is just 3$ more than Hannan’s. Judging by Alexander’s work experience and how he has made 200+ customized websites to date, his hourly rates are pretty attractive. He probably deserves more but the cheaper the better, right?

Next up we have Mr. Denys K! He isn’t as affordable as Maureen but he is skilled enough to enjoy being amongst the top 27 WordPress developers on Upwork! Not only his job success percentage is admirable (99%), he has worked with a variety of clients from across the globe! This means that all you’ll have to do is mention the task you need to be done and he’ll be able to handle all the rest on autopilot! By autopilot, I mean that he would already have a good idea of how the website should be made and kinds of designs would look attractive according to the type of website you need to be made. So, working with him is surely worth the 40$ per hour.

Then we have an eminent Pakistani Web developer on the list! Mohammad Hannan A, as you’ll notice, has truly an impressive profile. Not only are his rates are low but his success percentage and number of previous jobs done are remarkable. This balance between low rates and quality work has made him the favorite of many customers judging by all the positive feedback. So, he is not only one of the best-reviewed WordPress designers on Upwork but is one of the most affordable WordPress designers on Upwork too! Pretty amazing, no?

Mohammad Hannan is also widely liked because of the wide range of services he offers:

  • Website Design 
  • WordPress Website Development 
  • Website Redesign 
  • Updating Website 
  • Fixing Website Issues 
  • Malware Removal / Website Security 
  • Website Migration 
  • Website Speedup / Performance 
  • Search Engine Optimization

The best part is that you won’t even need to hire an SEO expert when you have this guy working with you! 

And now we have Jivko P. Again, I repeat that the order is random and him being on the 5th place on our list does not mean that he is less competent than the rest. Okay, so the most admirable feature about this developer is his success percentage which 100%. Then his skill sets are pretty decent too. They include WordPress, PHP HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Web Design, Website Development, WooCommerce, User Interface Design, User Experience Design. Jivko’s hourly charges are a bit high i.e. $35 but then again, it’s probably worth it if you want an amazingly designed website. According to his profile, he is eminent in redesigning websites too which can be quite tricky at times.

So, these were the 5 Best WordPress developers on Upwork. Surely now the task of searching for a good one has become a lot easier. However, before you rush off to choose your most preferred WordPress developer, we would like to share some criteria for hiring a decent developer. The points in the last section should always be on your checklist.

Lastly, we have, Miss Maureen A and let us show you why she deserved to be on our list.

Noticeably, her hourly rates are lower, only 7$ per hour. This is perhaps because she is new at Upwork judging from the number of jobs she has taken. However, her low budget, plus skills available plus the efficiency of her work added to great rapport with clients makes her truly amazing. Moreover, her profile talks about her previous work experience as Founder of Kind Techgroup which offers free web services. All these characteristics make hiring her a pretty decent deal. She is by far one of the most affordable WordPress designers on Upwork!

How to Pick the best WordPress designers

Upwork is one of the best freelance markets and so we suggest you search there. But what should be your hiring criteria? Here are the skills you’d want to check before hiring:

  • Web development fundamentals, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Mastery of the WordPress ecosystem (plugins, themes, etc.)
  • Back-end web development, especially PHP and MySQL
  • Troubleshooting, debugging, cybersecurity and maintenance of WordPress sites

Many might meet the above criteria. This is where an interview becomes necessary for effective selection through shortlisting. Here are the characteristics of the ideal web developer you should hire:

  1. Technology fit: You need a WordPress engineer who has much experience in the particular field (for example structures, libraries, and so on.) you intend to use on your site. 
  2. Organization: A well-reported codebase is simpler to keep up and update. 
  3. Feedback: Check feedback from past customers for warnings that can reveal to you what it’s like to work with a specific WordPress developer.

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