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The potential for web hosting is massive, no matter how you look at it, no matter where you are in the world. A right online presence is what every entrepreneur cannot afford to bypass in an increasingly globalized and competitive world. Owning a good website can be highly profitable, and profit is what everyone wants. But here is what is better, simpler, and what will get you the most significant slice of the cake with the least stress, becoming a web hosting provider yourself!

What Can You Gain As A Web Hosting Reseller?

  • Providing a web hosting service can be a great addition to the services that you might already be offering, which increases the potential for additional profits.

  • As a standalone business, being a web hosting provider is a great idea. It can provide you with the profits you want.

  • Reseller hosting is a business that takes the hustle and grinds that come with most companies while still being a great platform to maximize your profits.

  • You have very minimal upfront costs to invest in expensive infrastructures, like servers or software licenses.

  • If you find the right provider, it can be a business that you start almost immediately.

  • It is easy to maintain customers for a long time. If your customers are happy with your service, which heavily relies on the provider that you choose, they will stay will you for a lifetime.

  • You get to bill your customers yourself, which means that you decide to sell the service depending on how you know your clients and at the price that you see fit.

  • You do not have to have the technical knowledge to make it a good business.

  • You are your own boss, and the business growth or the returns you get depends on your skill and is not limited by anything or anyone.

How it Works

Finding customers that need you to host their websites is not that hard you might already have several customers, and the only thing you want is to know the best way to do this. Still, if don’t have any customers yet, the good thing is that it is a matter of time, provided you have the best services and the right information.

In a nutshell, the way it works is that you purchase disc space and bandwidth from a provider company at a wholesale price and you sell it to your customers for profit. You choose a Domain name and use it to create a site where customers can order hosting accounts. You can choose different packages depending on the number of customers that you have, and you can upgrade the package as you get more clients. The host company will also give you access to the reseller WHM panel to create and manage the accounts of your customers. You should be able to contact the host company 24/7 for technical support that your customers my pass to you and they should be able to respond to you fast.

Why finding the best reseller host company can be hard?

Although there are a lot of companies that can offer reseller hosting services, finding the right provider for you can be very frustrating. If you don’t find the right company, besides the obvious risk of wasting money, it might mean small profit for you or even worse, inability to retain any customers that you find which will be the end of the business.

The cost and terms that different host companies offer for their services vary and you should identify the ones that suit you and your business best. This can be very hard if you are just stepping your foot into the industry because there are many aspects that you should consider. Most people do not even know what they would need to get their hosting business running on an entry-level and end up getting frustrated or missing out on a great opportunity.

The restrictions on different company providers can also disadvantage you more than others. The customer support of different host companies is different, and you need a company that is reliable for support or assistance at any time. Extra features offered by different host companies help to start your business on a low budget which some companies may not offer as much.

If you still feel like it is hard for you to find the best reseller hosting provider that is cheap and you wish you could find a list of companies that have been analyzed with more experience and profession, then that is what we did for you.

We searched and reviewed the best reseller hosting providers with the complete beginner in mind. We noticed that there is little help online to help any person wanting to start a reseller hosting business and with the bit of information that is out there, it still does not help beginners choose the best hosting companies for them.

We want to make it as easy as possible to start a reseller hosting business with minimal initial cost and risk. Out of the flooded market, we managed to come up with the best budget reseller hosting providers that you can choose from. Take note that our recommendation is not organized in any specific order because only you can choose the best out of our recommendation, however, considering the market our recommendations are the best that any beginner can find.

Why you should consider our recommendations?

Our process of getting you the cheapest and the best reseller hosting companies was not just superficial; we went to a deeper level that would almost be impossible for any individual let alone a beginner in the industry. We did not just believe the companies could deliver what they claimed solely on their words, but we went on to test if their claims met their performance.

    • We checked the online reputation of different providers because we wanted to have a general idea of what everybody had to say about their service. We picked the companies that had the best online reputation and with the largest amount of positive reviews and happy customers.


    • We listened to the sales teams and asked questions that would favor beginners in the industry. If the sales team did not feel confident or they did not answer the questions, we removed such companies from our list. If the sales team did not know the full potential of their company meant they did not believe in their company, and why should we?


    • We did not just trust our opinion we also involved third party professionals such as auditors. We retrieved their internal financial reporting through SOC-1.


    • We also checked the terms of service of different providers so we could have background information on how they conduct their business. This helped us to recommend not just the providers that are good today but also providers that are reliable and will be better tomorrow.


    • We also got actively involved and tested the hosting services of the top 100 host providers that seemed great on paper and narrowed it down to this list that would be the best for any person seeking to start a reseller hosting business on a budget.

Here is a list of the providers that topped our list. They are the best companies that you could choose as your reseller hosting provider according to your preference, and they are not arranged in any specific order.

We are not shy to recommend one of the companies that stood out from the list more than the others. Although we feel confident in our findings and recommendations, we are declaring a disclaimer that is, You will be responsible for any hosting company that you choose, and we are not accountable for any issues that might arise should you decide to go with one of our recommended reseller hosting providers, however, our list is made up of the best companies in the business.

On the recommendation list, we focused on the key features that made the host companies stand out more than others, and we left out the more common features that almost all of them share. However, this list is not arranged according to any particular order and you can choose whichever company that you like as your reseller hosting provider.

Key features:

  • The best part of our current Reseller Plans is that we offer Free WHMCS Billing System with Unlimited Clients which costs $39.95 per month alone at at the time of writing this article. This is useful in growing your business as easy as possible as it automates mostly everything from getting payments from your website and creating accounts for your clients to managing your customer support and reports for your business.

  • And the most valuable thing we do offer is that we can setup your business website for you at a very reasonable cost so you can start focusing on marketing your business right away! 

  • Apart from that, you’ll get a Free Domain Reseller Account with the most decent cost compared to the ones out there, Free setup! and you can resell our products and services, white-labelled to your business.

  • You also have the option to let us manage your customer support or websites, servers as you please.

  • Amazing security features, such as having premium addons/plugins which are the most trending security website hosting features including Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN), Free SSL built-in to your cPanel account as we are an official partner with the said CDN service provider. This is a high-end feature that you will not find in any other company that is not focused on maximizing profit. With these features, you can secure the security of your business by securing your clients’ websites from cyber attacks. We also provide anti-DDoS protection built-in to the backend of our servers. Free AutoSSL SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt, Two-Factor Authentication, Imunify360 Website Security module by Cloudlinux and more to come, included on the current plans.

  • You will have your web server running based on KVM virtualization powered technology and Cloudlinux OS.

  • Benefit from our fast performance through pure SSD storage & caching, Free remote backup by JetBackup module w/ free retention services for secure storage, fast and easy updates for customers which will translate to your customers should you choose us.

  • You don’t have to chase the latest scripts; you will have full access to Softaculous Script-Auto Installer with over 400 scripts/apps available to have the edge over your competitors.

  • We will provide you with a money-back guarantee of up to 14 days, depending on our current offers and don’t worry, we will be at your back, helping you grow your business throughout your journey with us! Our support is available via our customer support channels – most active throughout our business hours from 9am-5pm (GMT +8/ Asia/Manila Timezone), weekdays with up to 24 hours response time.

Current Pricing:

Kind TechGroup Reseller Hosting Pricing

To learn more about Kind TechGroup services, visit our store. Terms & Conditions may apply.

Key features:

  • Launch Assist: This feature you don’t have to worry about setting up your reseller account. Inmotion has a dedicated Managed Host Team that will take all the work involved in getting your reseller account setup such as, migrating your accounts and providing any technical assistance that you might need.

  • Partnership with eNom: The partnership with eNom brings its resellers hosting clients the added advantage of providing not just the standard, .net, .com, and .org, but you will also have a wide range of TLDs such as .news, .sale, or even .ninja to offer to your clients.

  • Free Solid-State Drives (SSDs): Does not just offer the usual hard drive discs but has an extra performance to offer to its reseller hosting clients which will translate to your customers.

Current Pricing:

Image from Gyazo

To learn more about Inmotion Hosting services, visit their website. Terms & Conditions may apply.

Key features:

  • It is affordable.

  • NameCheap is one of the best choices you can make if you want a cheap service with decent features. It has the potential to make you the most profit margin.

  • Has a very user-friendly interface.

  • The control panel is easy to use and displays all the important information. This feature makes the management of your clients’ websites easy no matter your level of technical knowledge.

  • Allows for Bitcoin payments.

  • This is a feature that you will not find in most companies but is fully operational with NameCheap.


  • The uptime of NameCheap is not very bad but could be improved.

  • Limited Data Centers.

Current Pricing:

NameCheap Reseller Hosting Pricing

To learn more about Namecheap services, visit their website. Terms & Conditions may apply.

Key features:

  • Fast speed.
  • A2 offers its Swift Server platform to its clients which gives their clients the edge they need in terms of loading speed for their websites. As a reseller hosting provider, A2 hosting will ensure your customers’ fast loading websites that will help you rate high in search engines.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • Their customer service is phenomenal; fast and reliable. Good customer care is very important to any web hosting reseller, without good customer service means your reselling business would not be reliable.

  • Great pricing and a wide range of package plans.

  • A2 Hosting provides their reseller clients with a free WHMCS that is also expandable to include more features which also depends on the package you choose. Overall they have great features for every package that comes at a reasonable price and will give you the best tools to start your reseller business.


  • You can only enjoy a limited number of client accounts.

Current Pricing:

Image from Gyazo

To learn more about Namecheap services, visit their website. Terms & Conditions may apply.

Key features:

  • Reasonable price for quality services.

  • Offers unbeatable prices for their quality services which makes it easy for any reseller to make a high profit.

  • Nightly Data Backups for all hosted sites.

  • Backups help keep your sites updated frequently and removes the frustration that you might experience with other companies that have slower update features.

  • Website monitoring.

  • Will monitor your clients’ websites for you and will sort any issues that might arise on your behalf.

  • Full management.

  • Hostwinds you do not have to deal with client support, they will handle it for you.

  • Great security features.

  • Need the best security features to set up a great reseller hosting business and Hostwinds provides just that.

Current Pricing:

Image from Gyazo

To learn more about Namecheap services, visit their website. Terms & Conditions may apply.

Try it Yourself

If you feel like you’re not satisfied with our recommendation list and want more information on a specific company that we prefer so that you can try for yourself, or feel free to visit Kind TechGroup’s ongoing promotion at to try the services for the lowest cost possible.

What you should consider when choosing the best host company for reseller hosting?

Here is a simple guide that you can use as a pointer when choosing the best budget host company for reseller hosting.

  • Do they provide a money-back guarantee? As with any business, you will always have a fear of losing money. The first thing worth knowing is that some companies provide you with a money-back guarantee while others don’t.

  • Some reseller hosting firms are cheap with great features that could help you get started and are reasonable compared to others that may be more expensive.

  • Choose companies with a user-friendly interface to manage your clients’ websites. This will provide you with easy management of your clients’ websites and save you the time and confusion that comes with navigating interfaces that are hard to understand.

  • Check if the host company provides you with a good quality billing system without extra cost.

  • Make sure the host company is providing you with free website templates. Free templates can help you launch your business by helping you set up a reseller website.

  • Good reseller hosting firms provide you with a wide range of pre-installed scripts that can be useful to you. This will help you create shopping carts customer support desk, establish discussion forums, mailing lists and other functionalities that will help you create a better business.

  • Does the host company provide you with a rebranded account? You can only offer a web hosting service under your company name if the host account name can be rebranded.

  • The control panel of the reseller hosting firm is essential and better if it supports many languages to help you sell to a wide range of customers of different nationalities.

  • Is there any restriction on the number of domains that can be hosted? Take note that you can find reseller firms that provide unlimited sites.

  • The size of the bandwidth or traffic allowed monthly. The higher, the better.

  • Does the reseller hosting company provide you with a free domain name? If they do not provide you with a free domain name, I would advise that you look elsewhere.

  • Their level of communication and customer support. Choose firms that are reliable and are fast to communicate. The best reseller hosting companies provide 24/7 online communication, active phone and chat support platform. This will help you deal with any complaints you clients might experience.

Final thoughts

We hope that our research was helpful to you in finding your best reseller hosting firm. We also understand that some people prefer a direct recommendation and want to know the best of the best in the industry and are not interested in the top-rated.

We understand that anyone that is starting sometimes gets caught in the trap of trying to find the best providers and they end up not starting the business or keep switching companies rather than focusing on growing. We want you to get started right away with the right company without looking back or wasting time trying to choose between our listed companies.

We carried out our research intending to help any beginners find the best budget reseller host providers. For that reason, we highly recommend that anyone who wants to start a reseller hosting tryout our recommended providers with a closer look at Kind TechGroup, which we feel was made for all people wanting to start a reseller web hosting and grow it to big business under one company.

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