Best Cheap Domain Name Registrars

Another great deal our team would like to share is this amazing low cost valued (domain providers list) we’ve compiled throughout our years of experience being a reseller of domain names. Aside from getting domains as cheap as it is, referring to this list is also a good investment for Reselling Domain Hosting because these providers offer the lowest cost possible compared to its competitors.

Choosing the Best Domain Name Registrars for Resellers

If you have decided to build your very own website, especially when you’re starting a reseller web host business or maybe just want to become the next Godaddy, you probably want to also resell domain names as well and you would likely want to know what are the best cheapest domain name registrars you can go and become associated with to be as competitive as possible in the industry as a web host reseller.

Finding the right domain name registrar to be associated with or become your provider or partner to jump-start at the most cost-effective way for your reseller business is essential to make the most out of your investment for this kind of business. It may not bring out the best revenue for your business though but it’s still helping out to get something rather than nothing, right?

Getting a domain name and providing it for your upcoming clients or customers is a crucial step for your business and you should go for the best option! And going for the best possible option means onboarding a registrar that is reliable, secure, and gives out the best support and features for you and of course, your clients.

We have gone to an extent and have extensively explored to bring out some of the best and cheapest domain registrars out there in the market. These domain registrars are reliable, secure and provide some of the best features and best pricing for your upcoming website and reseller business.

Best Domain Registrars for Users and Reseller Web Hosts

The list below has some of the top-rated domain registrars and what you would likely want to be associated with. They provide you with the best services you are looking for to set up your new website. Our personal favorite as a user is NameSilo but we do recommend NameCheap and ResellerClub, especially for new Domain Names Resellers as they provide all the necessary services which you need to fast track everything as a startup reseller web host.

Apart from domain names and hosting, they have got several more interesting features, which you would love to explore most importantly having an official WHMCS module that is supported by the system to make it easy for you to resell domain names through these providers.

Note: The following list is in no particular order.

Namesilo offers you with a huge range of domain names. Every domain name provided by Namesilo comes with free WHOIS privacy, DNS management tools, email forwarding, domain forwarding, Domain Marketplace where you can directly sell or auction your registered domains, as well as they also offer you a generic website called “MarketSite” in which you can offer all your auction domains at no additional cost to you and a ton of interesting features too that you can explore.

The pricing for domain names at Namesilo is very transparent, with no hidden costs or whatsoever. It does not only have the new ones but if you want a domain name that is already acquired by someone else, Namesilo helps you negotiate a deal with the domain owner. They also provide a one-year extension on existing domain registrations if you transfer your domain hosting to Namesilo. Awesome right? Here you can find more information about their current pricing.

Along with domain registration and the mentioned features, some of the other services are website hosting, basic APIs, G Suite email, as well as reseller privileges and an affiliate program.

Furthermore, NameSilo also has a good value to offer when it comes to managing your domains effectively as they have a good system for you to manage profiles for your domains, including multi-level user accessibility and also you are able to have a portfolio for your domains where you can choose to whether categorize your them for every project, client, as well as to your different businesses or whatever it may be plus they offer a 3rd party WHMCS module if you’re using the system to resell domains or hosting. It’s pretty much easy to setup and if you’re stuck in the process, you can always contact their support team to help you out. I never experience any frustration when it comes to NameSilo’s support unlike what everyone else says.

And the best part, especially if you’re a reseller, there’s no additional cost for an expired domain to renew within the Grace Period and a very low value of penalty to restore after the grace period until it is pending for deletion. So it is an option for additional revenue if ever a client forgot to renew within these periods as most providers charge huge fees for this. You can find more information about the expiration process here.

Apart from being one of the cheapest domain providers on the web, NameSilo also gives discount programs for their existing customers which is totally great, plus we forgot to mention that Reseller Package is all for free, in case you’re planning to take your business further with hosting kind of stuff.

Our first registration at NameSilo which is one of our domain names ( was just around $4 (more or less). This is a limited time offer only for the first purchase we had. In other words, they also give discounts aside from the coupon code we offered above.

So we highly recommend registering your domain names with NameSilo and get the benefit of all these discounts for life.

Check out their standard  pricing below:

Cheap & Cheapest Domain Names by NameSilo

To learn more about NameSilo, visit their website at Terms & Conditions may apply.

Freenom is another great place to look for cost-effective domain names since they have both free and paid domain name options. You can type in your desired domain name to their domain search bar and check it’s availability on both paid and free categories.

Freenom offers new domain registrations, domain renewals, and domain transfers. If you are not happy with your current registrar, it can be an alternative. Besides domain name, they also offer some other services like Free ID Shield (WHOIS Privacy), DNS Management, email forwarding, and URL forwarding. The costs of domain names at Freenom are very minimal. They provide a minimal pricing structure which includes the cost price, gateway fee and ICANN fee (if there is any). You can go through the pricing for different domain names here. It also has a WHOIS lookup to tell you the credibility of websites. 

Freenom is also known as one of the good DNS providers. DNS is your look book for the internet and there are many providers out there who track your IP address. Freenom enhances your internet experiences; ensures security and does not store your IP address. Freenomworld (from Freenom) works as an anonymous DNS resolver for you. It reflects as an alternative to CloudFlare’s DNS at

Furthermore, Freenom doesn’t only offer domains for users. They also have a reseller API, great opportunity for resellers plus they have a 3rd party WHMCS module the same as NameSilo and as well as there is no additional cost for the Grace Period to renew a domain name when it’s expired. The best part of Freenom is although they do not offer any promotions, they have a transparent as a water pricing structure and resellers get to offer domains without additional cost on renewals and transfer, unlike other providers they tend to increase prices further. Here’s the pricing chart for Freenom to learn more. The only downside is that although they do offer WHMCS module for resellers, they do not tend to support the module as much as what others on this list do offer and their support is pretty much not that awesome.

Check out their standard  pricing below:

Freenom Pricing

To learn more about Freenom, visit their website at Terms & Conditions may apply.

Namecheap offers an abundance of services. The services include domain names, hosting, WordPress, emails, security, and DNS. If your focus is on getting a domain name then Namecheap offers new TLDs, new domain name searches and private domains. If you already have a domain name and wish to migrate, then Namecheap has that option too – both for domain and hosting. Along with these, they also provide free, paid, premium and public DNS. Namecheap stands by its name and provides the cheapest options and sometimes absolutely free options. 

Namecheap also helps you build and manage your website. It has services like WordPress hosting, shared hosting and VPS hosting. Also to support your business, dedicated servers and private email hosting are offered by Namecheap. They ensure your business’s and website’s security with chargeback prevention, VPN, 2FA and WHOIS guard. A variety of SSL certificates like multi-domain, single domain, domain validation and more are also provided by them to add credibility to your websites. Namecheap is a fine point to start with. If not start, you can switch your domains, emails, WordPress, and host to Namecheap. You can see the pricing for different services at NameCheap here.

Furthermore, for resellers, they have an official WHMCS module that you can use straight from in the system which is obviously supported which is great rather the first two mentioned registrars on this list. And the best part is that it’s the cheapest option you can offer for your users compared to other supported modules of the system. The downside is that they do not offer Free WHOIS Privacy beyond 1 year. Other free features are available but most f them are limited compared to the mentioned first two on this list.

Check out their standard  pricing below:

To learn more about Namecheap, visit their website at Terms & Conditions may apply.

eNom has some interesting and valuable services, which include domains, web security, hosting, email, and apps. You can look for domain names for your business and can even get a hosting service from eNom. You can fish for new domain names, domain name extensions and even transfer your domain name to eNom. These domain names come with Id protection and domain trademark protection. They also help you build and manage your website. eNom has a website builder where you can design your website. They offer a 14-day free trial for this website builder. 

There is a bunch of other things which you can avail of from eNom. If you are looking to boost your marketing strategy and are considering pay per click as one of the strategies, eNom is your option. With eNom, you can be assured of your websites’ security and malware attacks. eNom offers robust anti-malware, Sitelock seal and all sorts of SSL certificates like Sectigo SSL certificates, Symantec SSL certificates, Geotrust SSL certificates. Also, hosting and email services are available. They offer G Suite by google cloud, basic email, DNS hosting and hosting transfer provisions. You can explore the pricing for different services by eNom here.

Furthermore, eNom is popular to be one of the best reseller domain providers but recently some said their support sucks and their pricing structure for resellers is quite expensive too. But please don’t take my word for it. I would recommend you try it yourself if they interest you so you can experience them in actual and learn what is and what’s not as we never have used this provider before but they are in this list because of its popularity and although we may never know why but we believe it’s worth to try it out further though. Nothing to lose as they offer a free domain reseller account when you have at least a WHMCS system to use for. And before I forgot to mention, they also have an official module for WHMCS and pretty much huge services to offer as a reseller. To learn more about selling domains with eNom, visit the information here.

Check out their standard  pricing below:

eNom Pricing

To learn more about eNom, visit their website at Terms & Conditions may apply.

This can be one of your go-to options when looking for domain registrars. In addition to that, it has some other very useful services which you can use for your new business setup. It provides major domain services (WordPress, Joomla, Cloud). So you will be getting a wide range of domain names to choose the one which fits you best. You can get an insight into domain registration, renewals and transfer pricing here. It also provides business and enterprise web hosting, which includes web hosting (Linux shared hosting, windows shared hosting, HostGator shared hosting), CMS hosting ( WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting and Drupal hosting), cloud hosting and more. 

If you want to build a website to showcase your business then you can try ResellerClub’s website builder. It has got some fun plugins and themes to make your website pretty. It offers Website builder, Weebly website creator and combo plans with themes, logos, and plugins. Once the website is ready, it has services to keep your website safe from any sort of malware. For web security, ResellerClub offers SSL certificates and Sitelock Web Security. And for website backup, it has CodeGuard Website Backup. Also if you want API integrations, it has that too such as for reselling all their services with an officially supported module for WHMCS system. And here at Kind TechGroup, we are able to manage the support for ResellerClub providers under your account with us compared to others on this list as we offer this registrar’s Domain Reseller Account service along with a free setup when you get one of our reseller hosting packages. For questions about this feature, contact us anytime.

Check out their standard  pricing below:

To learn more about ResellerClub, visit their website at Terms & Conditions may apply.

Your Best Alternative as A Domain Reseller Web Host

Here at Kind TechGroup, you have a good potential partner as a new reseller whether for domains or any other web services.

We offer a range of domain names to help you find the best identity for your business and you can easily register new domain names or buy one from the auction with a ton of freebies along with your purchase with us.

Apart from domain names, we offer to host services too, especially good reseller offers with the best potential revenue you cannot find mostly with other providers. With this particular platform, you can avail of all the necessary services to give a good start to your reseller web host business.

If you are looking for a website builder or developer but eager to learn and build your own empire in the reseller hosting industry, Kind TechGroup is the one for you. We help you set up your very own WordPress webshop, WHMCS e-commerce site and we also specialize in building a reseller hosting business website included with a domain reseller account for you when you get one of our reseller hosting packages. We offer technical, optional managed support and reliable servers to offer for your clients/customers, as well as free self-help support contents available on our website for you to grow yourself with us.

The best part is, apart from these standard services, we offer custom services for you related to our products and services, you can just get in touch with us and will get it to sort out for your business. One of our main purposes is to help our client’s business grow as we also do grow along with them.

The pricing is very reasonable and transparent. We have a plan for free hosting and other paid plans with very affordable pricing structure in comparison to the others. You can go through the pricing here.

Final thoughts

These were a few top rated domain registrars you can have a look at for your new reseller business. The above domain registrars will provide you with the best services and will help you save a lot in your pockets. To find the best fit for your business, just go through the features and services of each registrar. See if they have all the services you are looking for. 

Another thing, if you’re really serious about selling domains or any other web services as a business, it’s best to get all the services you offer or may want to avail of within one platform. That way it’s much less hassle. And the best alternative can be Kind TechGroup since we help you build your business website from scratch; right from hosting, domain name to designing and features or services you can resell and basically, we also support your customers’ concern! We treat every business as different and customize things according to the business’s needs. We look forward to helping your business grow, so see you in the client area!

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