How to get a free LE SSL for your website for Free Hosting? (c) PCTipsGR

CommunityCategory: Free HostingHow to get a free LE SSL for your website for Free Hosting? (c) PCTipsGR
Mauwiks Staff asked 1 year ago

I didn’t find this in the KB (sorry if it was there, in such case just delete the thread) and so I am sharing this here.

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Mauwiks Staff answered 1 year ago

Let’s Encrypt certificates are not supported in Kind TechGroup Free Hosting by default. However, there is a way to get them.We will try to make the process understandable and guide you step-by-step.To get your certificate, you will need to follow these simple steps:1. Sign up for Cloudflare and transfer your domain to them by changing nameservers (vPanel integration won’t work)2. Visit http://www.sslforfree.com3. Enter your domain, and select \”Manually Verify Domain (DNS)\”. It will give you some TXT records which you will have to copy.4. Go back to Cloudflare and then go to the DNS section of your dashboard.5. Select TXT from the dropdown list, for name enter:6. @ for your main domain and/or www if you want people to access your domain from www8. Paste the Records (TXT) that you copied and go back to SSLForFree, it will give you your private key and certificate.Congratulations! You have now a Let\’s Encrypt certificate which you can use!I am not sure if there is an SSL installation guide but I would be happy to share mine if it does not exist! (c) PCTipsGR