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We build Websites with WordPress for free on all our regular hosting and reseller plans.

Web Design

We design and do branding that sticks to the soul. And we don’t just do it, we make it happen effectively.

Web Hosting & Domain

We offer free, paid and reseller plans at the lowest cost possible. Your choice. It’s your business.

Social Media

Integration of social media to your website for your personal network growth with basic tutorials on each platforms.

Coaching & Training

Learning is better when live. Every packages includes session with us remotely or locally.

Support Consultation

We offer solutions for problems in regards to our products & services or for your business growth.

Your Web Branding Partner

Kind TechGroup is a web branding organization focused on providing web presence and business to anyone, especially to aspiring Freelancers and wanna be Entrepreneurs.

We offer free WordPress web design, web hosting and affordable reseller hosting services & premium web optimization solutions for business, professional and even for personal branding locally and remotely.

Our main core is to help success-minded individuals to achieve financial freedom or become their own Boss, which is why we focus on providing the freedom to build a brand conveniently through our products and services, as well as we encourage freelancers, particularly Web Designers or any related field in taking advantage of our kind web services like domain and web hosting, all for free.

Managed Hosting & Web Solutions

We offer web hosting and reseller business plus we do help you manage everything initially in regards to our products and services, as well as setting up your upfront site when you purchase one of our hosting offers. We will be your web branding partner beyond your journey on the web.

We are a direct hosting reseller of reliable hosting providers all over the world and we do own a few servers as well. There are lots of hosting provider out there with very affordable costs but 80-90% have no reliable support for a non-tech aspiring freelancers/entrepreneurs in the industry and the reason why we’re here today.

And for the record by the way, we may be “to some point” a reseller (at the moment) but we do only offer the most reliable servers which are quite expensive compared to those are oversold in the market nowadays and you can trust us to never do oversell any of our products and if ever you do encounter any problem, we’re eager to listen and help you with anything. Just name it!

Customer Support is our huge focus in our business apart from the reliability plus the quality of our products and services.

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